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Proud Local Courier. Åhus Sweden. Worldwide Delivery.

Vi är en stolt budfirma som utgår från Åhus på den skånska ostkusten. Vi jobbar både med lokala bud och med internationell kurirverksamhet. Vi erbjuder också en premium fraktservice tillsammans med professionella partners. Vi skickar din försändelse, fullt spårbart och med stort engagemang. Vi skickar med bil och flyg över hela världen och tar ansvar för ditt gods. Lokalt i Kristianstad och Åhus kör vi bud och lokala leveranser, matkassar, take away från krogar och paket. Vill du veta mer, ring oss på 0708-24 00 20 eller maila oss på Vi längtar efter att höra från dig.

As a Local Courier we serve companys, organisations och private citizens with high quality transport and delivery. Our premium service gives you a safe and fast delivery. Your items reaches the destination smoothly in a direct transport. Fast pickup and direct delivery straigth to the destination. Call for rates and availabilty.

Please call us at 0046 708 24 00 20.


Our premium service. We call it Premium Delivery. Others names it “White Gloves Service”.  A selected driver shows up and pick up your items within the hour. Then straight of to the target destination. We make sure that the goods arrives on time and are delivered to the right person. We always go that extra mile for our clients. You recieve a text message when delivery is performed. We operate throughout all Europe. You can be assured that we always perform in a professional manner. We see ourselves as representing your company. Please call 0046 44 708 24 00 20 for enquiry.

Traditonal delivery with commitment. A customized and fully traceable delivery of goods all over the world. Door to door by road and air. Together with professional partners we have total control of your goods. We are commited to make the extra effort that is needed to get your goods delivered in time and without any problems.

All business is local. And every delivery starts locally. Therefor we also operate locally within our home area. We deliver packages, take outs and food bags.We cooperate with local cab company They provide first class travels around our area.

BOOKING AND CONTACT For question and booking please feel free to call at 0046 708 24 00 20 or by email at Please don´t hesitate to call us for enquiry. We are always here for you. We are looking forward to hear from you.